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Specifications and parameters

This Multiple USB charging station is for charging smart phones,tablets and other 5V devices.

It can be used in home, office, coffe room, only if there is a socket.

Built in protection from short circuit, overvolatge and overload to make you safer.

Technical data

1. Input: 110-240V AC

2. 4 USB port output:DC 5V 6.8A max

3. Color: black, white, gold, silver

4. With smart phones or ipad holder to make table tidier and space savier

5. The baffles will shine light when you charge mobile phones or other devices

6. voltage 100-240V, apply to different countires, such as UK,EU,US,AU and so on


Intelligent detection of battery volatge to prevent low voltage not charging 

High frequency output capacitance. Efficient and stable current and voltage output to protect your phones 

"Multi protection: Overcharge protection,Overvoltage Protection,Undervoltage protection,


 Short circuit protection,Overcurrent protection,Overload protection,Over-temperature protection

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